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Already have a 3D model and just need it printed quickly?  Get a free, instant online quote by clicking on the link below!

We will take your product idea and create 3D CAD models, photo-realistic renders and manufacturing drawings ready for the next phase of your project - prototyping.

Prototypes are an extremely important step in the product design process.  From initial proof-of-concept prototypes to final prototypes at production quality, we provide full turnkey solutions for all projects, large or small.

From small-scale to large-scale production, we have the network of manufacturers who will fabricate every component, no matter the material, and perform complete assembly of your products.

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designed in Colorado

supported in Colorado

Based in Denver, Colorado, we work with a large network of suppliers and manufacturers worldwide to help our clients bring their products to market.






Paul Kock

Paul is our lead project manager.

He has more than a decade of project management experience in multiple industries as well as over six years of consumer product design experience with a background and degree in Mechanical Engineering. 


Paul holds one utility patent along with four design patents and has helped clients patent a variety of components and products.


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