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Simply provide us with a verbal or written description of your project, sketches, photos, etc.  We can get started with whatever you have available.


We can work with you and provide updates and deliverables via phone, email, video calls, various cloud services/apps or in person as the situation requires.


We do most of our work on a time & expenses basis, only charging you for time spent actively working on your project and provide estimates for your approval before starting work.  Smaller or very well-defined projects may be done on a fixed-quote basis.


We provide online invoices which allow for quick, easy payments via bank transfer.  We also accept credit cards via PayPal, although we have to pass on their processing fee.  Checks are always welcome as well.



Mechanical and Electrical Engineering services include everything from physical component design to PCB design and programming.  Calculations are performed and regulations followed wherever necessary in order to create a safe, functional design.


Utilizing the latest 3D modeling software, your products are created efficiently and with the greatest care and precision.  2D manufacturing drawings with dimensions and other specifications are produced directly from the 3D models, so if changes are made to the models, the drawings are easily updated to match.


Individual components are modeled in 3D where they can be inspected from every angle.  Specific materials and surface finishes are applied and provide accurate strength and weight information.


In products involving multiple parts, individual components are combined into complete assemblies just as they will be in production.  This allows us to see how everything fits and works together and includes standard hardware in addition to your custom components.


Realistic product renderings

Renderings are images created based on the 3D models, materials, appearances and lighting within a scene.  We can attach just about any material appearance to your components and produce realistic images to give you a great idea of what the final product will look like.


Components and assemblies can be animated to show how parts fit together, how they move within their physical constraints and provide complete 360 degree views, all within multiple video formats.


We can provide full presentations for use at trade shows, investor meetings, in retail displays, etc. which include renderings, animations, manufacturing drawings and more.

instruction manuals

We have experience creating instruction manuals for consumer products to be included with your final products and/or downloaded from your website.  These can be done with simple black and white line drawings or full color product renderings.

optimized designs

Throughout the design process, components need to be optimized for manufacturing, assembly and even shipping/packaging.  Design optimization takes this all into account and informs every decision.  Costs are reduced as much as possible while retaining necessary function and aesthetics.


Standard manufacturing tolerances vary from one manufacturing process to another and from one material to another.  Functional assemblies require that the correct tolerances be specified not only for each component, but for different features within each component.


Material selection is another important consideration within the design process.  Density, strength, flexibility, cost, corrosion resistance and available manufacturing processes all factor in to the decision on what material to use for a given component.

surface finish

Surface finishes include anything from painting to powder coating to anodizing to chem film application.  The final product appearances and textures also depend on the finish specified for the inside surfaces of the tooling used in molding and casting.


Basic analysis

Standard simulations run during the design process can include solving for deformation and stresses resulting from forces applied to different locations on the product in order to ensure no failures will be experienced during normal use.  In most cases, this analysis is optional and only run if there are concerns about product strength.

advanced analysis

Advanced analysis includes solving explicit dynamics problems and can be useful where products are likely to experience impact forces from crashes, drops, etc.  This analysis may be combined with a more basic analysis, for example, finding the impact force and then determining the resulting stresses.

Animations & Images

We can generate images and animation files showing the simulations being run, which will provide you with a clearer understanding of the results.


Detailed reports can be provided, outlining everything used within the simulations/analysis, from materials to applied forces and their locations.  Reports also include recommendations on any changes which may be required based on standard factors of safety and other considerations.