Upon approval of the final prototype(s), we will request production quotes from our network of reliable manufacturers.  In some cases, this may end up being the same company that produced the prototype, while in other cases a less expensive manufacturer may be a better choice.

Prototypes are often made domestically while production is done overseas due to cost.


After submitting your order, we will take care of the details and help to ensure everything runs smoothly.  You will be able to review first article samples before the full production run is started as a final check that everything is up to par.



Finished products can either be delivered directly to you or we can take delivery if you would like us to do additional quality checks.

We can help with shipping, customs and any other issues or questions you have along the way.




There are many great reasons for using domestic manufacturers, and we have a great network of vendors who manufacture products in the United States.  You can proudly state your products are "Made in USA", more easily tour the facilities where your products are made and reduce lead/shipping times, just to name a few.

We also work with companies that are based in the United States but have overseas factories so you get the best of both worlds; less expensive products with reduced or eliminated customs hassles and a more local contact in charge of your account.



We can refer you to a local, established sourcing company which specializes in manufacturing in China.  They have a great network of factories for all of your overseas production needs and can find the smaller factories with the best pricing that fits your product.  Since we partner with them on many of our projects, we can continue to be involved all the way through the manufacturing process and you won't simply be handed off to some factory and left to navigate packaging, shipping, customs, etc. on your own.